Friday Faves — notes from the new gastroconomy, No. 83

weekly round-up of our favorite finds from the front lines of food


  • What if sausages grew on trees? One upon a time (above), in a 1970's German food fair, they did. (Retronaut)
  • Fast casual chain Chipotle sponsors a short movie and game targeting Big Ag: "According to Chipotle, the game encourages players to 'tilt and tap your way through four unique worlds to protect vulnerable veggies, rescue caged animals, and bring fresh food to the citizens of Plenty, all while dodging the menacing Crowbots.'" (NPR)
  • Offshore wind farms and shellfish could be a good economic match. "A small trial using seabed cultivation has already been carried out within the North Hoyle array by Welsh mussel company Deepdock Ltd, who showed that such an operation is both practical and viable, with no negative impacts on the wind farming operation." (Seafood Source)
  • Latino winemakers are a growing group in California, making the generational transition from pickers to winemakers. “'All of us have come from the ground up,' said Rafael Rios, 46, the group’s president, whose father came to the Napa Valley under the bracero program, a series of guest-worker agreements between the United States and Mexico. 'We know how it feels to be in the fields in 90 degrees.'” (New York Times)
  • First there was the Cronut, and then the world went food mash-up crazy. A Cheetos macaron? Oh, my. (LA Times)
  • In a new world of armchair farming, we found ourselves watching GoatCam, a livestream of adorable baby goats. (Modern Farmer)