Friday Faves No. 94

Happy Chinese New Year! A look at some amazing sugar artistry with dragons on a stick in the video above.

Here's why some Peruvians are giving up jobs as lawyers and accountants to become chefs: "Julio Hevia, a psychologist, says Peruvians embracing their cuisine is about more than just the food, or even cultural diversity. 'It's a way of compensating, of escaping, of disconnecting,” Hevia says, “of inhabiting something like the Matrix — a parallel reality. I've always felt that in our culture we have a sense of a parallel reality.'"(PRI / The World)

Startup Brings Fresh Food to Chicago, One Vending Machine at a Time (Modern Farmer)

Seaweed is such a hip ingredient that it's now hitting the mainstream food press destined for middle America. (Bon Appetit)

RIP Pete Seeger. He was always an inspiration and will be missed. In keeping with his support of folk ways, here he is singing about making maple syrup.