Friday Faves No. 125

our favorite finds from the front lines of food

Strong commentary brought to us as a collaboration between the Guardian newspaper and the Royal Court theatre-makers: Britain Isn't Eating. This micro-play satirizes the coalition government's approach to food banks and the 'feckless poor'.  Something to keep in mind as the holidays approach. (Guardian)

Everything old is new (or should be) again! Iconic chefs, such as  Ferran Adria, head to Brazil to talk about biodiversity and what it truly means to eat local. (NPR)

We are all now familiar with the tyranny of the pumpkin spiced everything, but Just What Is In Pumpkin Spice Flavor? (Hint: Not Pumpkin)  (NPR)

Pumpkins, manure, burning cars and riot police. There's nothing more French than a strike. "French farmers unions organized a nationwide day of protest yesterday, staging demonstrations in villages and cities across France. Thousands turned out, expressing their anger at collapsing prices (due in part to sanctions against Russia), increased environmental regulations, cheap imports, and high costs." (Atlantic)

Time to give Port a chance: Wine Spectator names a Port as Wine of the Year and you should probably be drinking more of it. (Food Republic)

Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize is November 19th so we are taking a quick look back into a October 2012 issue of Saveur Magazine's 'Cassava Nation' article. As the temperature drops dive into a dish of steamy banana leaf tamales, pumpkin bread, or a rich and hearty seafood soup. It makes us all warm inside just thinking about it! (Saveur)

Unilever (Hellmann's Mayonnaise) vs Hampton Creek (Mayo): who has the right to be called real "mayo"? It doesn't look like this will be resolved in time for your left over turkey this coming Thanksgiving. (New York Times)