Friday Faves No. 100

our favorite finds from the front lines of food

Kenzo Creates Virtual Aquarium Pop-Up In Paris To Raise Awareness Of Overfishing  (Design Taxi)

A Cold One For Everyone: Craft Beer Sales Surged In 2013 (NPR)

Scotland adds sake to its brewing line up. It would be a shame to send it all for export before exploring just how well sake can pair with Scottish meats and seafood. (BBC)

OMG! The question occupying marketers everywhere — what are Milennials eating and drinking? (Bon Appetit)

Carp(e) Diem: Kentucky Sends Invasive Fish To China (NPR)

Wackaging: do we want our food to talk back? You can blame Americans for increasing casualization, but twee is Brit-made (Guardian)

As Commodity Farmers Shift Course, a Library to Collect Their Stories (Civil Eats)

This isn't the first Lego "food" we've covered, but this one comes in a kit, so you can make yourself a KitKat, or maybe a dinosaur if that's more to your liking. (Design Taxi)