Friday Faves No.110

our favorite finds from the front lines of food

A summer ride worthy of Wallace & Gromit!

A summer ride worthy of Wallace & Gromit!

Orange is the new black...Close call for the Tillamook Cheese micro-buses. They were stolen last weekend but they have been recovered and arrests have been made. These custom mini-buses are worth $100,000 each! (ABC)

This past week we saw Bastille Day come and go...but the debate is still on about the merits of France's "fait maison" law. Will chefs be able to keep their heads? (Guardian)

First the sugar companies and brewers were fined for it's the würst-case scenario for 21 German sausage manufacturers slapped with a whopping 338 euro fine. (Guardian)

Italian in-mates on Italy's last island prison of Gorgona are learning the craft of high-end wine making. This Vermentino and Ansonica grape blend production is only 2,500 bottles, selling in the U.S. at $90 each. (The Salt, NPR)

In other news from Italy, Alberto Alessi talks about many of their iconic designs. Kettles, coffee pots to juicers, this is pure design poetry. (Dezeen)

Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Heather Ale" beer-themed poem was turned into a comic book for Glasgow's Comic Con. What's next? We can only imagine.... (Dram)

SPOILER ALERT! Real food truck owners review the new movie Chef.  We loved it!  (watch the trailer)