Sing Along Snacks: Jammin

It's never too early or too late for a snack, so crank up that volume on your computer.

Today we celebrate what would be Bob Marley's 70th birthday with a special Sing Along Snack that is near and dear to my heart. While this is not strictly speaking a food song, it has become a sing along tradition in my family. 

I have a blended family, complete with four amazing kids.  Every summer, they pick a veritable boat-load of plums and we make jam.  The kids even came up with a special name for this annual production: LL Plum. 

One year, while toiling over the steaming sterilization pot and pitting production line, we suggested that Graeme put on some music.  Now, everyone who knows our family is aware of our penchant for all things reggae, so it wasn't shocking that he chose to play some Bob Marley. But when Graeme started singing along "We're jammin..." while filling a jar full of plum jam, all of the girls stopped, rolled their eyes and burst out laughing. "Really Graeme? Jammin!" 

Ever since that particular jammin' episode, we always make it a point to include Bob Marley in our annual production.  We will have to wait for another Sing Along Snack day for the story of how Dillinger's "Cornbread" became part of ALL of our family road-trips.

A heartfelt Happy Earthstrong Bob Marley. 

One Love - Polly & da Easy Crew