Friday Faves No.141

our favorite finds from the front lines of food

Comedian Jeff Wysaki recently pranked a grocery store with helpful in-store “tips.” While a baguette lightsaber battle sounds super fun, we know it would eventually lead to “Clean-up on aisle three”. (Bored panda)

How does the saying go? “If you can’t stand the heat, don’t play Doritos roulette.”  OK, maybe not quite, but 14-year old Beth Leybourn “thought I was going to die.” (The Guardian)

Cheese gives us gas! No, it’s not what you think. First Milk, a U.K. based dairy, will open a dairy-cum-power plant that is expected to generate 1,000 cubic meters of biogas per day. (Munchies)

Looks like Budweiser stirred up a hornet's nest this past week. The self-proclaimed ‘King of Beer’ took on the San Francisco based craft brewery 21st Amendment in the twitter-sphere with a derogatory tweet about their beloved seasonal offering called Hell or High Watermelon.  As one customer called out, this may not have been the best target for a company that produces Shock Top Raspberry Wheat.  (SF Weekly)

The connection between emotional health and food just got stronger. Scientists have now documented that beneficial bacteria play a critical role in how we function. If yogurt is the new Prozac, what is kimchi? (NPR, The Salt)