Friday Faves No. 177

our favorite finds from the front lines of food

Happy Holidays

Beware the dreaded "slotting fee". Take an insiders look at the "Hidden war for grocery shelf space". Shopping will never be the same! (Vox)

While we are in the grocery store, why not take a look at some innovative research on how to increase the shelf life of produce all WITHOUT gases, wax or other tricky techniques. (New York Times)

Its simple fizz-ics! A new study has found that champagne with bigger bubbles tastes better. It turns out that bubbles measuring 3.4mm across enhance the release of aerosols into the air above the glass. I think I need to do my own research just to make sure! (Guardian)

Here is a great way to round up 2016. Listen to the Munchies podcast - Holiday Martinis with Uncle Tony. Thats right, a little holiday cheer with Anthony Bourdain. (Munchies