Sing Along Snack: Hoy Es Domingo

It's never too early or too late for a snack, so crank up that volume on your computer.

On a recent trip to Mexico I ran across this very singable and delicious song. I must say that at first I thought it was an ad...but then I just settled in and watched, wishing I could be at any (or all!) of these fabulous Sunday tables.  Not to mention that I'll take any Sunday, or any other day for that matter, with Diego Torres & Ruben Blades!

Destapo un vino en la cocina,
y un buen asado espera en el carbón.
Aunque tengamos mil problemas, hoy descansamos de las penas,
alimentando al corazón.

Hoy, hoy es domingo,
no hay compromisos con el reloj.
Porque hoy, hoy es domingo,

no hay nada mejor.