Faves No.193

Favorite finds from the front lines of food.

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This brings meal planning to a whole other level! Recently visionary chef Dan Barber and his partners launched a new seed company, Row 7 Seeds.  Instead of ability to be transported, uniformity and yield, these plants are bred for flavor.  "The beginning isn't the farm," said Dan Barber. "The beginning is the seed, because that's the blueprint that sets the stage of what the farmer is able to do with good farming."  (Eater , New York Times )

Possibly the coolest thing you will see this week.....or longer! A WATER WHEEL POWERED SPIT!!!!

In other crazy news, LIDL is now selling a new product at their check out counters.....locally grown cannabis.  It's a good thing they have all kinds of deals on munchie-able snacks!  (Guardian)

Michelin Stars? James Beard? What is the difference? Well, here you go - a handy dandy guide to restaurant awards! (Eater)

Fresh? Frozen? Fresh Frozen? Most consumers don't go for items down the frozen aisle, but why? Is it time to become an arctic explorer? (NPR The Salt)

Sing Along Snacks: Volver en Vino (Return as Wine)

It's never to early or late for a snack so turn up the volume on your computer.

From Madrid we are sending out our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the fires in California, Spain and Portugal. It's a sad close to a lovely summer. Let us hope that new life sprouts from the ashes to return as wine. (English lyrics translation below)

Return as Wine

If wine comes, life comes: I come to your vineyard, beloved land.

I want to die singing under your ripe vine and to be buried at the dawn my grave watered of wine.

If wine comes, life comes: I come to your vineyard, beloved land.

I'd like to leave my bones under the Mendoza sky, for my blood and my ashes return in the wine way

How sad must be dying and never returning, but life is so beautiful, but the way is so stunning, that if I die someday bury me in Mendoza, in San Juan, there at La Rioja, in the beautiful Cayafate, that I'll return as wine!

And when the vines cry for the men to laugh, I'll be filling the glasses, and I'll be kissing the mouths of the old partners or maybe the one I love and couldn't love me.. and in a party night when you take the guitar if you see the wine crying let it cry its sorrow that a brown tear as never I'll be singing!

Life is a bitter wine, sweet in a shared jar: those who swim inside drown only in life.

If wine comes, life comes: