Sing Along Snacks: Special Thanksgiving Edition

It's never too early or too late for a snack so turn up the sound on your computer!

Special Thanksgiving Edition

Turkey - Mashed Potatoes - Gravy - Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie


OK, the lyrics are maybe not spot on when it comes to lauding the proper ingredients, but it will keep the kitchen crew bopping around with a good spring in your step while the table is being laid out!


Sing Along Snacks: Pie for Breakfast

It's never too early or too late for a snack, so crank up that volume on your computer.

San Francisco-based The Brothers Comatose sing about Pie for Breakfast, one of our favorite breakfast foods of all-time, at any time of year.

"I'm having pie for breakfast, 

the snow's comin' down,

staring out the window in a cold and distant town."

Friday Faves No. 111

our favorite finds from the front lines of food

The Whisky Bar has been turned into the Whisky Library in some US cities (as photo on right), with more an more bottles for the aficiando to try. '“The traditional business model for a bar, you don’t want to sit on inventory,” said Alan Davis, an owner of Multnomah. “Our business model is to have a massive inventory. We take the ‘library’ word very seriously.'” (New York Times)

We're not quite sure what to think and feel about this one, but the conversation (and probably many conversations) about meat must be had. Janice Tseng Lau imagines travelling abattoir to expose the reality of meat production (Dezeen)

See Every Food That’s Been Called The “New Cupcake” in the Last 8 Years There are some worth encouraging (macaron, pie, canelé) and some not so much. Yes, cake pops, we're talking about you. (First We Feast)

Your garden is watching you. On Point Radio looks at the new science of what plants feel, smell, see – and remember, and it even includes the color of your shirt when you're gardening. (On Point/NPR)

And another great food story from On Point this week, Why Americans Are Pie People PIE, SO MUCH PIE! Every kind of fruit, every kind of crust — bring it on. (On Point/NPR)