Sing Along Snacks: AquaBounty Garden

 It's never too early or too late for a snack, so crank up that volume on your computer.

The food-centric, satirical Beatles cover band The Eatles goes under the sea to an AquaBounty (that's the company trying to sell consumers a genetically engineered "salmon" that's a cross between three different species) Garden in the shade.


"I'd hate to be under the sea,

in a AquaBounty garden in the shade.

Let's make a wish, no transgenic fish

that they went and died away beneath the truth..."


If this one had you tapping your toes, The Eatles have a full range of subversive titles like Modified Fields Forever, I Am The Wal-Mart, and While the Microwave Gently Beeps.


Plenty to dread

On May 29, 2013 the Guardian UK reported a new study that GM 'hybrid' fish pose threat to natural populations, scientists warn  Study shows genetically modified salmon that breed with wild trout can produce a fast-growing, competitive fish.