Friday Faves No. 96

our favorite finds from the front lines of food

American chinese food.png

Need more milk from your cows? Dig out all your old weepy break-up music. “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. Inspires Dairy Cows to Produce More Milk A University of Leicester study proves that slow tunes make cows produce up to 3% more milk. (First We Feast via Culture)

Stick it to The Man and eat the whole apple. Why throw away $13.2 billion? "The core is a product of society, man"  (Atlantic)

This past week we lost a great performer of songs about food when Shirley Temple Black died. We've added Animal Crackers in My Soup and On the Good Ship Lollypop to our Sing Along Snacks collection. In addition to her singing and dancing, millions of children have grown up with her namesake cocktail. You can make one at home. It's just ginger ale, grenadine and a maraschino cherry — parasols are optional.

Shanghai Warms Up To A New Cuisine: Chinese Food, American-Style Said one Chinese patron when trying a fortune cookie: 'Hmmm. This is like glutinous rice....It also tastes like a street-side pancake. I've never been to America, so I'm not quite clear about this thing.' Another thing at Fortune Cookie that intrigues people here are the white cardboard takeout boxes with wire handles and red pagodas on the side. Ubiquitous in America, they are known to Chinese only through scenes in Hollywood movies. When the restaurant staff saw them for the first time, they were so excited, they took photos." (NPR)