Sing Along Snacks: At The Codfish Ball

It's never too early or too late for a snack, so crank up that volume on your computer.

It's time for the Boston Seafood Show again (now called Seafood Expo North America). Shirley Temple sends us off in style with At the Codfish Ball.

See you there! This year we're moderating a panel on Sunday from 3:30 - 5 pm: Putting the “Food” back in Seafood – lessons learned from sustainable food systems, featuring Michael Dimin, Founder of Sea to Table, Louisa Kasdon, CEO & Founder of Let’s Talk About Food, and Joshua Brau, Director of Food With Integrity Program at Chipotle. Bring your questions.

"Come along and follow me
To the bottom of the sea
We'll join in the Jamboree
At the Codfish ball

Lobsters dancing in a row
Shuffle off to Buffalo
Jelly fish sway to and fro
At the Codfish ball

Finn-an-haddie leads the eel
Thought an Irish reel
The Catfish is a dancing man
But he can't can-can like a sardine can"