Friday Faves No. 99

our favorite finds from the front lines of food

6 Kooky Concepts For Foodies Of The Future Innovation consultancy Gravity interviewed foodies all over Europe in an attempt to discover what’s driving the renaissance in food culture "The basic insight? “Food is no longer about physical, emotional, or even social needs. It revolves around self-expression and status.” Like any other mode of self-expression, it holds a mirror up to culture at large. Whether that means buying potatoes that correspond to your net worth on the free market, or getting to know the cow you plan to eat in a few months a little better, well, that’s on you." (Fast company)

We always love seeing American food and drink products celebrated abroad. Sales of Bourbon are booming in London bars and restaurants, fuelled by a spike in American-themed new openings in the capital. “We get a lot of regulars coming in to try our older offerings and single barrel Bourbons – I’ve noticed women taking a particular interest in them.”(Drinks Business)

Beyond the big markets: Six small cities with big local foods scenes, Pittsburgh, St Louis, Cincinnati, Asheville, North Carolina, Boulder, Colorado and Portland, Maine (USA Today)

Snails, snails, snails! Gastropods from land and sea are making headlines. In France, a Quest to Convert a Sea Snail Plague Into a Culinary Pleasure (New York Times)

All Hail the Snail in US restaurants "'The fun part," says Le Pigeon's Gabe Rucker, "is taking the classic flavor pairings and tweaking them.'" (Tasting Table)

Climate change is trying to mess with your breakfast. Sugaring: Inside The Maple Syrup Industry It’s sugar season in the maple forests of the U.S. and Canada. We’ll look at the secrets of the maple syrup industry, and how it’s dealing with climate change. (NPR/On Point)